layout of Sahra Dance homepage

Sahra Dance

This site was set up to feature the belly dancer Adalia, as well as being a tribute to belly dancing itself. In order to show this relationship, it was our thinking that the photos of Adalia in action, would be the prime focus, with the text being woven in, to best advantage.

Adalia had the photos taken by a well known, professional belly dance photographer, and I think you will agree that the results were well worth the fee. The photos were very pleasing for me to work with. I selected some of the best to create a collage effect for the top image and from that sprang the overall color theme.

Adalia's page has features like a blog and a photo gallery with DOM scripting.

Here is a full view layout

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layout of global workers justice alliance  Dance homepage

Global Workers Justice Alliance

This page started as most of my pages do, with just a color theme. In this case, from the idea of a global effort I wanted a serene look, one that would suggest unity and cooperation. Because the site was designed with the idea of containing a lot of text, I wanted to continue the earthy colors, brought forth in the top image, throughout the site with the text itself setting the major contrast.

The page was created around the logotype, allowing it to be easily expanded by simply adding pages and links to the menu. This site features an integral blog as well as using a Document Object Model (DOM) script for a drop down in the menu. The page is built on clean and lean CSS, using few images and yet conveying a strong layout.

Here is a full view of the layout

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layout of nteras homepage


A high tech company with a clear vision of what they wanted the page to look and feel like. My involvement in this project was mostly in the photo manipulation needed in creating the flash movie and the assembly and production of the flash object itself along with positioning it on the pages.

Here is a full view of the layout

You can also visit NTERA

layout of papprika scrabooking homepage

Papprika Scrapbooking

Papprika Scrapbooking is the first scrapbook store in Sweden and has today a large online community. The site houses an online store and is very active with competitions and discussions.

This is the third edition of Papprika Scrapbooking homepage, the site has had many pages added, and a drop down menu became needed to accommodate them all. The Images were chosen to spark creativity as well as adding a lighthearted, fun feel to the visitor experience.

Here is a full view of the layout

You can also visit Papprika scrapbooking

layout of Brian Sharkey homepage

Brian Sharkey

This one was a little different. I got a call from James on a Friday afternoon, asking how booked up I was for the weekend, and if I'd be interested in helping to get a website up by Monday. I had been wanting a chance to work with his company, Emerald Coast Entrepreneur, for some time, and without a second though said "sure, what would you like me to do?"

After a few minutes of him setting the requirements and us agreeing on a price, we began a collaborative design session which, though it lasted most of the weekend, was flexible enough to give me time to take care of a few previous obligations and spend some time with the girls. He told me right off that he would be on his computer all through the weekend and to contact him with any questions whenever it was convenient for me.

It amazed me how much we accomplished in such a short time by being open and cooperating on everything. I even did the final clean up and validation on the code, much to James' relief, as by that time he was at the '2 days without sleep' stage and not much caring to proof code all afternoon. Although the color scheme was dictated by a pre-existing blog and we had discussed the general idea a few times, the actual design layout, graphics, copywriting, page coding, even the menu design were accomplished in just over 48 hours.