Flash is an intriguing program it combines both design and coding and it is a different way of thinking how to put the puzzle peaces together.

Sometimes i need to break free from a world of colors and work with logic and the puzzle that coding is to me. Working with images and code are for me two sides of the same coin. I would never know what parts to create in images to make the over all picture come to life with code if I did not know how the code worked.

Here are some of the few recent flash works I done. You may have to refresh as the movies are not looping but ends at one point.


This is the top image on Nteras homepage a description of some of what they are doing the photos are manipulated in Photoshop of cause. I have resized the move to fit my page for a natural size please take a peek at Nteras page.


A other Flash made for Ntera. You may need to refresh to see the movie as this one do not loop.


Brian Sharkey

A dummy for a online add. You may have to hit refresh as this one do not loop.