Photoshop is my magic wand where the images in my mind can take shape - CSS, my favorite spell, breathing life into these images.


For the Past months I have been extremely busy, in a very good way.

I have learned a lot and had great fun while working for Empathy lab in Conshohocken.

Feranet is one of the two projects which I was working on. I came rather late in to this project and I was contracted as an xHtml/Css coder/developer.

Sprout net was the next project in which I was a member of the development team. With this project I was able to be in from start to end which was both educational and great fun.


a Gambling/wagering page that I am currently working on. Layout

My Challenge

Recently I decided to challenge my self a bit when it comes to type/font and I try to have time over for a few test projects now and then, here is some of what I been playing around with.

Type can be fun

My Type

More about type


kind of liquid Design

My Furniture Outlet

1st position

Dance Arts is an affiliate of First Position Movement Arts Center. When Dance Arts page was up and running they liked it so much that I got the opportunity to re design First positions page to have same look and feel as Dance Arts page. Now we do not want it to be exactly same but yet close enough to see how closely the two studios work together. You can follow the work on this page here

Papprika Scarp booking

Again Papprika is in need of a new design the page audience is people whom are artistic skilled and scarp booking is really layout, so we need to tickle their inspiration and that means to not be stuck in same layout for to long also the forum and gallery are hits and many pages on the actual home page are no longer needed. To follow the work done on this page is still rough there are two slightly different layouts in the works right now.

Emerald Coast Entrepreneur

This is a page hosting a lot of information, and needed a design that promoted easy reading of long text. The work has been about picking a good color scheme and creating images that will fit the


Dances Arts

Dance Arts web page is now up running even if I am still doing small changes to it, as well as working on SEO. The logo is done and found its way to the page. Dance Arts