Colors are my voice

Colors is all about feelings and mood

I believe that every form of presentational material is the carrier of a message but that each message should be connected with all previous or future messages that company may send out, and that would be possible if they are connected and in harmony with the companies philosophy.

The philosophy is about emotions and mood and who the companies are. To describe that with words is hard, as it’s always hard to describe things like feelings and mood with words. I think good design is about balance, I am not speaking off just balance in the element placed on the page but also of a balance between what your message is and the layout in its self. The design should strengthen the message.

Colors is all about feelings and mood if the colors do not work along with the feelings the message is supposed to evoke or the mood I think it can be a very confusing voice. Its almost like if the colors on printed material or the web is the sound of the voice which is what you miss in the written word compared to the spoken and I think that is why I start with color it’s the base of the message, the tune of the voice in which we speak whit on the visual presentation.

There for I usually start my designs with colors. Colors are my voice

There is something to be said about simplicity and search engine optimizing

I am by no means a search engine optimizing guru, never claimed to be nor will, but I think the ground for search engine optimizing lays with in a good coding or what I jokingly call “mean lean code”. It’s commonly known that the search engines read through the page and with clean code we can make it easier for them to find what we want them to find.

This does not just mean that code has to pass the W3C validation it also has to do with using the proper code for the proper elements.

Sure you can hide hacks and all sort of things in extra css that is not visible for the validator’s.

But I work from another stand point I try not to minimize the need of hacks as much as possible.

This do not mean I wont try to push the envelop and try to use the newest things, it simply means I try to be aware about what works and what do not work today along with why, and also that I do not expect my designs to work just as well in old technology, why should they and why should the user even expect it to?

I don’t expect to be able to look at photos on my old cell phone, just because I can with a newer one. I don’t expect HD quality on my old TV nor do I expect to be able to watch video on my old slow lap top.

I do expect my designs to work in older technologies, but the may miss out on some extra little fancy details not something major imported for the message in it self but just some extra cool things.

At the same time with “mean lean“, valid code I do except my designs to work well in handheld devices and for people who uses any sort of help due to disabilities for me that is imported.

All these woven together becomes what I call “mean and lean” code and that type of code will also with all its simplicity and good structure make the work much easier for the search engines little spiders to understand. That is why I think simplicity has something to do with search engine optimizing.